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Rohan's Pick

Trading is my life


Name   Rohan Jalan
Location   Calcutta, West bengal, India
Member Since   10 Nov 2006
Investment Style   ?
Denotes the type of Trading activity this person does. He/She could be a Day-Trader, Swing-Trader etc. or a combination of quite a few.
For example: A short term trader could as well be Day-Trader and be Aggressive in nature.

  Long Term Investor
  Options Trader
Occupation   Trading
Total Picks   115
Accuracy   ?
Denotes the accuracy with of the Stock Picks made by this person. This may not necessarily mean that all the Stock Picks reach their designated Targets. It just means that all stock picks were closed with profits.
For example: A stock pick at 100 with a target of 125 in 3 days was made. At the end of 3 days the stock was trading at 120 with a high of 123. The stock did NOT reach the target of 125, but was still closed with profits on the 3rd day. Hence this Stock Pick is considered Accurate as one was able to lock in reasonable profits.

Success   ?
Denotes the number of times Stock Picked by this person Hit the Targets within the time specified.
For example: A stock pick at 100 with a target of 125 in 3 days was made. Within the next 3 Trading days the stock hits 125. Hence this Stock Pick is considered a Success

Pick Return(Avg)   ?
Denotes the average return from all the Stock Picks by this person.
For example: This person picked 10 stocks and altogether one was able to gain 100% profits out of these 10 recommendations. Average return for these 10 picks would be 10%.

Port Return(Avg)   ?
Denotes the average return for this persons Portfolio. This includes ALL Stock Picks made by this person, irrespective of whether those stocks were actually in his/her portfolio or not.
For example: This person picked 10 stocks and only 5 stocks were in his/her portfolio. However, Average Portfolio return will include all stock picks for calculation purposes. Say, this person recommended stock A and stock B. However he/she added only stock A to his/her portfolio. Another person added Stock B to his/her portfolio. If we do NOT account for this stock pick just because this person did NOT add stock B to his portfolio, then his recommendation if shows up losses for the other person will go unnoticed.

SB Rank   ?
Denotes the Overall Rank in the Stocks Buddy Universe. This is a Percentile ranking based on ALL the members on Stocks Buddy and their picks. The calculations are extremely complicated and you should refer to our FAQs for the details. The Higher the Number, the better the Rank.

  256 ( 0 )   ?
Your Stocks Buddy Rank One day Change. The Rank shown outside of the Brackets is your Rank Today and the one shown in the bracket is the difference from what it was the previous day.

For Example. If your rank was 10 yesterday and 7 today, it will show as 7 (UP 3) which means you have climbed up 3 ranks in the past one day.

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Link to my Website

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