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It’s impossible to compete with the full-time traders on Wall Street alone. The system is designed for them to win every time. Algorithmic trading indicators levels the playing field, and allows you to trade at the same level as even the most experienced professionals.

The StocksBuddy trading indicator is fully adjustable based on your trading level, experience, and risk tolerance. You’ll also receive our signature stop-loss “trading puck” that automatically adjusts to market conditions and allows you to stay in trades longer to maximize profits.




With three levels of sensitivity, the StocksBuddy indicator can be adjusted to market conditions, the trader's experience level, as well as the amount of time they have to trade.

The Only Trading Tool You’ll Ever Need

StocksBuddy gives you everything you need to take down the Wall Street market makers day in and day out. With our fully adjustable experience slider, you’ll be able to tweak the indicator’s sensitivity level to price action based on your trading level. As you level up and grow as a trader, so does StocksBuddy!

Be On The Winning Side

Bull Or Bear

StocksBuddy works in both bullish AND bearish market conditions, allowing you to see profit regardless of how the market is performing.

Manage Risk Like A Pro On Every Trade

Dynamically find perfect second entry points that other traders miss to make the most out of each position.

Treat Your Portfolio Like An ATM And Pay Yourself

Effortlessly find safe entry points and know EXACTLY when to get out of your position to maximize the profitability of each trade.

StocksBuddy allows traders to analyze the market in both directions and capitalize on bear markets as well as bullish conditions.

Automated Trend Lines

Click one button and effortlessly identify the upper and lower band of the trading range on any chart, regardless of market condition.

Adaptive Stop-Loss

The signature StocksBuddy adaptive stop-loss “trading puck” clearly indicates when a trade is no longer bullish or bearish. It adjusts automatically to market volatility and price action, significantly reducing fake-outs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add the indicator? I don’t see it on my screen.

After logging into TradingView, click on “Indicators”, then click on “Invite-Only Scripts”. It should appear as an option under that section.

What are the beginner, intermediate, and advanced settings for? What do they do?

These are sensitivity setting which you can tweak and adjust based on your experience, as well as the volatility of the chart you’re trading.

What is the stop-loss “trading puck”?

The stop-loss “trading puck” appears on your chart as a horizontal white line. It will follow price action as it moves up and down the chart, automatically adjusting for volatility to reduce fakeouts. When a candle closes below the stop-loss puck, the indicator will let you know it is time to exit your position.

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